Using Hg Mercurial behind a proxy

You might have faced to download gigabytes of repositories with Hg. In my case, a big portion of Mozilla repositories depends on it and wanted to download that huge repos from the university network. University bandwidths are mostly underused 😉

Hg uses hgrc file to load configurations. (Per repository) You can go to your repository, .hg/hgrc and add following with your configurations.

host =
passwd = password
user = username

In case you are using hg from a preloaded instance to clone repositories to another location, you can simply add your configurations as a prefix to your command.

hg --config[proxy_ip]:[proxy_port] --config http_proxy.user=[username] --config http_proxy.passwd=[password] push

Make sure if you have special characters(@,%,,.) in your username or password you use the suitable character representation for it. ie : use %40 instead of @ symbol. This will also help in finding special character representation.