CodeExpertz | An online coding workshop for school students

CodeExpertz 1.0 was an online school programming competition held exclusively for the students of Sri Lankan schools.

Dare enough? Visit CodeExpertz at Codechef!

As the prime technological institution of Sri Lanka, we had taken the initial step to provide a platform for them to showcase their hidden talents and improve their skills in the field of computer programming. This was a new avenue for the students to get the exposure to the real world technology matters at a very young age which we at IEEE Student Branch of University of Moratuwa (IEEE SB UoM), consider as a great privilege. This was held on the 28th of September 2013 from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm at the University premises with the participation of more than 40 teams.

Question team - Lihini, Madawa and Me

The competition was created to

• Motivate school students to be technologically sound in solving real world problems, especially using computer programming

• To provide students an online competitive environment to investigate their talents in programming

• Give IEEE Student Members a challenge to embrace team work – an important skill to develop for career success

Students, who are currently studying in a school especially in Ordinary Level and Advanced Level classes and students just finished their advanced level examinations, were eligible to take part in this competition.


Organizing this type of a novel event required a lot of commitment, dedication and considerable attention towards many aspects. Student branch members were so passionate about working on a project which involved the development of the skills of students, the future of our country.

Prior to the competition, a series of workshops were conducted to provide the awareness about programming and the competition. These workshops were held in selected schools and institutions all over the country as well as at the University of Moratuwa premises. These were conducted by our high caliber undergraduates representing the technical committee of this event. All of them are members of the IEEE Student Branch of University of Moratuwa. We were able to witness the enthusiasm of the students towards this competition and we were more than happy to receive encouraging feedback regarding these workshops.


Me, the Sir. 😛

The standard of the knowledge level of the competitors were truly amazing and that made the competition more excited as the time passed. After an intense competition, the team ‘RCCoders’ from Royal College, Colombo won the championship while the team ‘The EE Crew’ from Nalanda College, Colombo and the team ‘Pulverizes’ from Rahula College, Matara became the 1st and 2nd runners up respectively. The team which won the first place comprised of following students; Chamath Palihawadana, Roshnal Lihinikadu and Sanila Vindula Jinendrasinghe. The award ceremony was held during the IEEE Day 2013.


This cutting-edge competition was praised by many people including the Principals, teachers and the students as well. They are eager to participate in these kinds of events each year and we are hoping to retain the momentum till this year’s competition. This unique experience had made most of them realized about their hidden skills which they can improve in the future. We were extremely glad to partnership with Dialog IdeaMart and we had as the online media partner who supported us in hosting our event throughout the entire procedure of the competition. was our online media sponsor. Dig-It!


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