Home Automation with Android | University Level 1 Project

This project was carried out during level 1 of our university life. – Gained an A+ too 🙂

We were totally new to Android, micro-controller programming and I didn’t know the ABC of AT commands at all. At times the project was seemed unachievable. All we knew at the beginning was, we need to control some electronic components with a mobile phone. We went through all type of connection establishing protocols we could done using a mobile phone to the micro controller. We went through bluetooth, internet but couldn’t see a way to receive the message from the micro-controller.

Finally found AT commands that allows to control a mobile with serial communication.

We used a PIC 16f877A at the receiving end along with a mobile phone. Micro-controller was programmed to issue AT commands and used my computer running with a ISIS program as an interrogator to the mobile phone.  Capture

Then we moved to a GSM module which could be directly connected with the PIC.

Once the GSM module received a SMS, the PIC reads it using AT commands and it could take the defined action for the particular message.

AT commands

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